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Southern Trust Loan Officers have a dedicated operations team on every one of their loans. This leads to quicker turn times and confidence with each transaction.

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Priority Approval allows you to go from application to approval in only one day. More than just a pre-qualification, it's a fully underwritten credit approval.

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Gain Access to lightning-fast support on core topics like products, underwriting, and credit from our team of experts on your smartphone in just two taps.

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More Advantages

Experience an Unrivaled Producing System


Portfolio Products

Access a diverse selection of portfolio products including 5/5 ARM 5% Down No MI Jumbo loans, VA Renovation, and many more to give you and edge over the competition!


Condo, Income, and Credit Experts

We have credit, income, and condo experts on staff to help you navigate the toughest situations. We help you look good by making the hard stuff look easy.


In-House Marketing Team

Put your best foot forward with print, social, and digital content produced by our team. Expand your reach with our growing team of in-house marketing experts.


Localized Appraisals

You shouldn't have to worry about an appraiser that doesn't know your local area. We hand select the best appraisers in your individual market.


Multi-State Licensing

Conduct business everywhere we're licensed/registered. This can expand your reach in previously untapped locations.


Low Internal Market Competition

We selectively hire a few professionals and never oversaturate a market. You don't have to worry about competing against colleagues in your area.